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Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans

Affordable Health Plans For Individuals and Families

We have individual and family health insurance plans to fit just about any budget. Most plans are available for enrollment at any time during the year. Most of our health plans are PPO network plans that allow you to use any doctor, clinic, lab, pharmacy, or hospital in the U.S.

We can help to quickly and easily build a custom health plan with all the benefits you want…without paying more for benefits that you will never use. Our caring and experienced agents can answer all of your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.

Here are a few of the top-rated companies we represent:

  • United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Delta Dental
  • Manhattan Life
  • Standard Life
  • Philadelphia American
  • Southwest Service Life
  • Careington
  • …and many more!

Here are two of our most popular health plans:

Manhattan Life Elite Plus Level Plan

Individual plans start at $101.92 per month
Family plans start at $319.64 per month     

  • ZERO annual outpatient and inpatient deductible

  • $5,000,000 in lifetime limit benefits

  • Doctor’s office/urgent care visits are approximately ZERO… (plan pays $200 for a family doctor, $300 for urgent care center)

  • Teladoc feature is included at no additional cost, which allows you to call a toll-free number and speak to a real doctor who can phone in a prescription to your local pharmacy – without ever going into a doctor’s office.

  • Plan pays for outpatient tests like blood tests, MRIs, immunizations, x-rays, etc. – (You receive the PPO discount, plus the plan pays $50 to $600 per test)    

  • Best national PPO network called First Health PPO – choose your own doctors, clinics, and hospitals – no penalty for using an out-of-network provider

  • Annual wellness check-up doctor visits are covered – the plan pays $200 for office visits, $50 for lab work, an additional $300 for a mammogram, $300 for a pap smear or PSA level test, and $600 toward a colonoscopy

  • Plan pays $300 toward emergency room visits and pays separately for scans,  x-rays, lab work, surgeries, etc. PLUS accident supplement pays additional benefits in addition to the base health plan for any accidental injuries

  • Cancer radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, ground or air ambulance, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and benefits are included at no additional cost    

  • Excellent hospital benefits – this plan pays $9,000  for your 1st day of hospital confinement, $6,000 per day for each additional day in your hospital room with NO deductible, PLUS the plan pays 3 times the Medicare rate for surgical costs  (an actual hospital room only runs about $2,500 per day!) critical illness supplement also pays an additional $20,000 in benefits in case of a major illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. 

  • Professional post-hospital negotiation services are included in case of any remaining bill of $400 or more to help get part or all of the remaining balance written off for the policyholder 

  • Prescription drugs covered-  you receive a discount at the pharmacy counter of 30% to 60%, then the plan also pays you back $75 each time you have a prescription filled

United Healthcare Annual Term Major Medical

Individual plans start at $365.00 per month
Family plans start at $765.00 per month 

  • Up to $2 million in coverage per person per annual term 

  • Nation’s largest PPO network called United Healthcare Choice -choose your own doctors, clinics, and hospitals

  • Urgent care center visits are a $50 copay, not subject to plan deductible

  • All other medical expenses are subject to your plan deductible, but you will receive a 50% to 80% PPO network discount on all medical expenses – this includes doctor’s office visits, lab work, surgeries, etc.

  • Plan medical deductible is $2,500, then 100% coverage after deductible  

  • Prescription medications are also covered. You pay $25 or less for generic drugs and brand name drugs are covered at 100% after plan deductible, up to $3,000 per person per term

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