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Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance for Cost Savings Large and Small

Unexpected dental expenses can be very costly. The average cost of a porcelain crown or a root canal without dental insurance is well over $1,000!

Most dental insurance plans include coverage for 3 types of dental expenses:

  • Preventive care – this category typically includes check-ups, teeth cleanings, and preventive X-rays.
  • Basic dental services – this category typically includes cavity fillings, simple tooth extractions, and X-rays associated with basic dental services.
  • Major dental services – this category typically includes crowns, root canals, and deep gum cleanings. Some plans may even cover dental implants or orthodontia. 

Some dental plans have waiting periods for benefits for major dental work like crowns and root canals. Others offer benefits that gradually increase over the first year or two of the policy.

Here is an example of one of our most popular dental plans from Manhattan Life. Premiums start at only $27.12 per month!

In-Network Out-Of-Network
Preventive Services
  • Dental Exams; 2 per year
  • Cleaning; 2 per year
  • Bitewing X-Rays; 2 per year
  • Fluoride treatment is for age 16 and under; 2 visits per year
100% of contracted rate 80% of UCR
Basic Services
  • Limited Oral Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Consultation
  • Emergency Palliative Treatment
  • Panoramic X-Ray
  • Periapical X-Ray
  • Perionodontal Non-Surgical Service
  • Basic Restorative Service
  • Filling
  • Basic Oral Surgery
  • Periodontal Service
  • Non-Surgical Extraction
65% of contracted rate 1st yr. 80% thereafter 65% of UCR 1st yr. 80% thereafter
Major Services
  • Major Restorative Service
  • Inlay/Onlay/Crown
  • Endodontic Service
  • Periodontal Service
  • Prosthodontic Service
  • Implants
20% of contracted rate 1st yr. 50$ thereafter 20% of UCR 1st yr. 50% thereafter
All Other Medically Necessary Services (services not listed above) 20% of contracted rate 1st yr. 50$ thereafter 20% of UCR 1st yr. 50% thereafter
  • Straightening of teeh (for all ages)
  • Lifetime max $1,500
Year 1 - N/A Year 2+ - 50% N/A

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