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Health Savings accounts (HSA) Plans

A Better Way To Cover Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Health Savings Accounts or H.S.A.s are popular ways to set aside money in an account to cover out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Americans have more than $100 billion sitting in H.S.A. accounts! Unfortunately, traditional H.S.A. accounts only work with certain high-deductible health plans. Also, money in an H.S.A. account cannot be used for any voluntary or elective procedures like fertility treatments, weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, etc.

At DFW Direct Insurance, we have a much better patented, trademarked, and FDIC-insured health savings plan that literally creates FREE MONEY that no other traditional health savings account offers that will give you a 3-to-1 return on your money in as little as 35 months. 

The Health Matching Account (HMA) account is a revolutionary new way to put aside money to cover any out-of-pocket medical, dental, or vision expenses that are not completely covered by your insurance plan… or are not covered at all.

This includes voluntary or elective surgical procedures, BOTOX, braces, chiropractic, maternity-related costs, hormone replacement therapy, dental implants, podiatrists, LASIK eye surgery, weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, etc.

You can contribute as little as $40 per month to as much as $725 per month into your HMA account. With the Health Matching Account, your money literally doubles after 35 months of contributions! 

And it gets even better, once you reach your target account balance after 35 months, you no longer have to make monthly contributions to the account. At that point, whenever you take money out of the account for healthcare, dental, and eye care expenses, you only have to put about 35% of that money back into your account to restore your full account balance!

Here’s a real-life example: A family decides to enroll in the HMA 10000 plan. They place $140 per month into their HMA account. This money can be used anytime to cover out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. After 35 months, they have contributed a total of $4,900 to their HMA account, but because the HMA account is matching their contributions, they now actually have $10,000 of spendable money in their account. They have just DOUBLED the actual money they have in their account!

It gets even better !!! >>> At this point, if they took out $4,600 to cover an out-of-pocket medical expense, they would only have to put about $1,680 back into their account to restore it to the full $10,000 account balance! They have now effectively TRIPLED the value of the money available in their HMA account!

Here is a video that explains more about how this plan works:

[VIDEO HERE: video link in private]

All of us will have substantial out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses throughout our lifetime. The only question is, will you take advantage of being able to TRIPLE the money you have available to cover these costs by enrolling in an HMA account?

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