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Looking for Vision Insurance

Looking for Vision Insurance

From regular checkups to contacts to surgery, eye care is one of those things we don’t necessarily think of as an integral aspect of health care.  But it should be.

The American Optometric Organization recommends adults ages 18 to 64 get a vision exam every two years and more often if you have a risk of ocular disease or work in a job that is visually demanding.

Getting a vision policy usually pays for itself with just the exam and glasses/contact lenses. An eye exam can cost between $120 and $200. The average exam premium is $15 per month. These monthly payments add up to an annual cost of your annual exam ultimately pays for the insurance. If you’re going to pay for an insurance plan, you’ll want benefits that are worth paying for.

Another common benefit of a vision plan is getting a stipend for frames or contact lenses. The average cost of frames and lenses alone is over $250. Typically, an insurer covers the cost up to a certain limit, usually around $100, though some premium plans cover up to $200. If your frames or contacts cost more than that amount, you pay the difference.

There are also some plans that offer discounts on surgery, others offer money-back guarantees and some even allow you to combine your vision care plan with your dental or general health plans. Unlike health insurance, you can enroll in most vision policies anytime of the year. Occasionally, health policies include dental or vision coverage but you must sign up for those during open enrollment.

New, more affordable vision insurance plans are now available from brand name carriers like United Healthcare. Call us at DFW Direct Insurance at 817-449-5557 or get a free rate quote in less than 2 minutes at www.dfwdirectinsurance.com.

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