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Why You Need Health Insurance

Many people think they don’t need health insurance. That’s like saying they don’t need air to breathe or food to eat. Having medical coverage protects your pocket on top of your health.

Here are a few reasons health insurance is a must:

Reason #1 – Unexpected Illness or Injury Can Be Expensive: Having health insurance is financial protection.  A trip to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars. With health insurance coverage, you won’t foot the entire bill for that $2,500 for the ambulance ride, the $9,700 for hospital tests, or the thousands of other dollars that may be racked up during an unexpected event. Unforeseen illnesses and injuries have bankrupted people.

Reason #2 – Insurance Provides Cheaper Rates: People without health insurance pay higher prices out of pocket than those who are insured. That’s because insurance companies lobby for lower rates for their customers. The more people that have insurance, the better the rates. This also creates a competitive market and individuals can shop around for plans that fit their needs. Thus, the benefits are better and the cost is more affordable.

Reason #3 – Preventative Care: People who have medical insurance are statistically healthier than those who don’t. They have access to routine physicals that can provide early intervention for many conditions. Many preventative care checkups (like getting a flu shot) don’t cost anything out of pocket. Preventative medicine is the best way to avoid expensive doctor bills in the long run.

Health insurance should be on your list of priorities. If you need help finding a plan that works for you, contact DFW Direct Insurance today.

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